1. Add items you want to purchase in the shopping cart
  2. Select "Checkout"
  3. Type in your contact information and select "Ship" for Delivery Method
  4. Fill in your address. Please DO NOT put UNIT or APT number on the STREET ADDRESS section. There is a section below where you can put Unit or Apt number
      • In some rare cases, Local Delivery option may not show even when your address is within the delivery zone. In such case, please use the autofill function of the address and have the system fill in the address for you. (We noticed most of errors occur when postal code doesn't match the one from the shopify address system. Hence the system doesn't recognize the postal code as delivery zone)
      • You can always call or email us if you are having trouble with selecting Local Delivery option.
  1. Click "Continue to shipping"
  2. If you are within Local Delivery Area, You will see an option for Local Delivery along with other courier options
  3. Click "Coninue to payment"